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Windows 11 Performance Issues with AMD Ryzen Chips

Windows 11 was released worldwide 6 years after Windows 10. As such, Windows 11 faces performance issues with AMD Ryzen processors. Microsoft says AMD chips could face a 15% performance drop in Windows 11.

There are two problems with AMD-powered machines running the new operating system. The first is that Windows 11 can triple the L3 cache lag on these computers. This can lead to a 3 to 5 percent performance drop in some video games, but some competitive eSports games may experience a 15 percent drop in performance.

The second problem affects AMD’s “preferred core” technology, which is responsible for transferring threads from a processor to the faster core. AMD cautions that users with more than 8 cores may experience performance issues on their CPUs that are more prominent.

The good news is that AMD and Microsoft are already working on a solution. Both companies said they were “actively researching” solutions to these known issues through software updates.

Windows 11 has two update schedules later this month, one is a software update and the other is an operating system update. We hope one of these updates improves.

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