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Windows XP Is More Popular than Windows 11

Arriving last October, Windows 11 in particular is taking its time to spread to more and more devices. If Microsoft promises us that this process should be accelerated during the year, all that remains is to adopt a new operating system. Even Windows XP will be more popular today.

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According to a survey that looked at data usage of 10 million Windows devices, the good old Windows XP still has a higher adoption rate than Windows 11; it’s been more than two decades since its launch.

Launched more than 20 years ago, Windows XP has long supported Microsoft in its golden years. But, despite its age, the operating system did not say its last word. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Lansweeper, Windows 11, which was already experiencing some difficulties in expanding, shows a lower adoption rate here than Windows XP.

More specifically, less than 1.71% of devices run Windows XP, with Windows 11 reaching only 1.44% of the Microsoft operating system adoption rate. Apparently, the dominant part is currently reserved for Windows 10 with a total of 80.34%, again according to the results of a study conducted by Lansweeper. In addition, we can see that the adoption rate of Windows XP is barely lower than that of Windows 8 (1.99%) and that it is still far ahead of Windows Vista (0.04%).

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It is important to note that this survey relates not only to individuals but also to companies’ devices. Also, if Windows 11 still shows a relatively low adoption rate, it should be noted that it has tripled since last January.


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