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A4 Size Color Printer That Can Fit In Your Pocket

If you are in a conference or a trip, you need to print in many places. The solution to this problem is presented in the form of the smallest color printer in the world an Evebot which is an A4 size color manual printer but is so small and light that it can easily fit in the pocket.

Although the printer is currently under development, it has received numerous awards, including the Red Dot Award. It can connect to Wi-Fi and also works on Blue Tooth. Interestingly, Aubot prints color pictures or documents on any type of paper very quickly.

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Although it may seem like a toy, it is by no means inferior to the expensive, bulky and professional printer. The entire printer can fit in the palm of your hand, but A4 draws beautiful and realistic colors on paper. Can now quickly print color text and images on label printing, poster printing, and A4 size paper.

The most important aspect is its brevity. Secondly, by removing the cartridge, you can print anything on any surface, that is, the cartridge placed in the fist can print forklift. Of course, it can print on cloth and plastic and it also prints 600 dpi.

The third important aspect is that with a slight modification, the cartridge can also do 3D printing and also make impressions on the wall. Surprisingly, the price is also very low at 10 109.


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