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World’s First Four Seater Air Taxi Unveiled

Slovak engineering company unveils the world’s first four-seater flying taxi.  The world’s first four-seater air taxi will be launched in five years.

Aeromobile’s AM NEXT half-light aircraft vehicle is planned to be launched in 2027.

It has the ability to switch between modes within three minutes.

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The company hopes that its flying ride service will save valuable time for travelers traveling 100 to 500 kilometers between cities.

Kamhani said passengers will be able to enjoy the work, relax or enjoy the views while enjoying the window seat and with ease and comfort.

However, no details have been released about the cost of the flying taxi or the fare charged by its passengers.

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AM NEXT is a continuation of Aeromobile’s 4.0 aerial car, which was first unveiled at the International Paris Air Show in June 2017.

This luxury two-seater car can fly at speeds of up to 360 kilometers per hour.

However, its top speed on the road is 160 km per hour.


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