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WWDC 2022: Apple Will Announce Its New iOS on June 6

Apple’s next developer conference WWDC 2022 will be online only and will be held June 6-10. Opportunity to unveil all the latest software and maybe even some products.

Online or face-to-face, it sets the tech year intermittently, like a few other conferences. Apple’s WWDC will be back in “all virtual format” this year. As always, Cupertino will bring the giant in June. Its developer conference will be held from June 6 to 10.

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Of course, the festivities will begin with a pre-recorded keynote, the secret of which is now with the Tim Cook teams. This will be an opportunity for Craig Federighi and his team to unveil new features in iOS and iPadOS version 16 for the California company’s software boss. Wait a few weeks to see the public beta open. Like macOS, watchOS and tvOS will be part of the party.

Developers will be able to follow online conferences and information sessions, as in recent years. And the youngest of us will be able to take part in the Swift Student Challenge again this year. But Apple could also take the opportunity to announce its progress in the transition from Intel chips to its Apple Silicon SoCs. This hardware transfer relies heavily on software work, ranging from Rosetta 2 to optimizing applications to become “universal”, locally compatible for Intel and Apple Silicon processors.

In the past, Apple has also taken advantage of WWDC’s inaugural keynote to present products, which are either related to the professional world or based on a set of technological innovations such as VR and AR.

Maybe this year too they will play this role. If we don’t imagine seeing the advanced prototype of this mixed reality headset that Apple is working on, we might see the unveiling of the Mac Pro launch on the other side, which some analysts say. That it will not be launched. Before the end of 2022, or even before the beginning of 2023.

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If Apple doesn’t hold a dedicated conference by the end of the month or the beginning of May, we might consider the arrival of new laptops. The 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (as well as the Mac mini) have not been updated since late 2020. There are even rumors that a full-size MacBook is being reintroduced.

In short, you know, WWDC 2022 has everything to talk about, and it’s definitely rich in software announcements and anticipated hardware revelations. 01net will obviously follow all of Apple’s announcements as closely as possible.


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