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Xioami Local Assembly Unit To Start Soon In Pakistan

The Chinese Phone Maker, Xiaomi is now ready to start his local assembly unit in Pakistan in the near future. In three to four months, the new assembly unit is expected to promote the local smartphone manufacturing space and create jobs in the country. Xioami Local Assembly Unit in Pakistan.

With a demand of 40 million smartphone users in the domestic market, Pakistan currently imports a large number of mobile phones to meet the size of its market. A local manufacturing unit of one of the leading smartphone brands will make significant progress in saving foreign exchange on smartphone imports.

Xiaomi is one of the leading smartphone and AEOT brands in the country between Oppo, Vivo, Tecno and Realme, which has a large and growing customer base in Pakistan. The Xiaomi local assembly unit will help Xiaomi improve Pakistanis’ access to affordable and reliable technology products.

Importantly, the Realme had recently announced the launch of its local assembly plant in Lahore. During the test run of the LG assembly line in Lahore, the unit has significantly reduced the prices of some of the company’s products.

Affordable technology products are the main reason for Xiaomi’s identity and growing demand. The local setup of a tech giant like Xiaomi is bound to have a strong social and economic impact as well as attract foreign direct investment.

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