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Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Will Defeat Samsung And Apple

Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Will Defeat Samsung And Apple.

Xiaomi introduced its flagship phone Mi11 Ultra a few months ago and is now working on the next model.

Of course, the Mi 12 Ultra will replace it, but it will be the company’s first flagship phone with a selfie camera hidden inside the screen.

The claim was made by DCS, a well-known user who leaked technology on the Chinese social media website Weibo, which often leaks accurate details.

The leak claims that Xiaomi’s new flagship phone will be equipped with ultra-wide band tracking technology and will also feature on-screen camera technology.

Ultra-wide tracking technology is not new at all, but is being used by Samsung and Apple.

This technology is being used in iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 with AirTag and SmartTag for authentic tracking of the phone.

If the leak proves to be correct, it could mean that Xiaomi is also working on a tracking device that can support ultra wide band technology.

But the most special will be the hidden selfie camera inside the screen, which is currently only available in the Chinese company’s ZTE’s Axon 20 5 G phone, but its pixels are not very impressive.

Other companies, including Apple, Samsung and Google, are working on the technology, but so far they have not made much progress.

According to the report, there are some obstacles in the way of light in on-screen camera technology.

It is not clear how much progress Xiaomi has made in this regard, but it has been working on a phone based on this technology for a long time.

Xiaomi’s phone Mi 12 Ultra may also feature 120-watt ultra-fast charging technology and 70-watt fast wireless charging technology.

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