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Your Mobile And E-Mail ID Are Leaking Data: Check Here

Every day all kinds of data are being leaked. Sometimes Facebook data is being leaked and sometimes some shopping site data is being leaked. After the data leak, your e-mail id, password, mobile number etc. are reaching the hackers, after which the data is sold on hackers forums like dark web. Now the question is whether your e-mail id and password have been stolen or not. How will I get this information? You can get this information in seconds. Let’s know.

Danger from data leak?

First it is important to understand what are the dangers from data leaks. In what ways can your data be used? The first thing is that data is used the most in telemarketing. Apart from this, on the basis of leaked data, an account can be opened in your name in the bank. With the help of leaked data, your account like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter can be hacked. Also your name and e-mail can be used in phishing attacks.

Whether your mobile number, e-mails have been leaked or not,
first you have to go to the web browser of your phone or laptop and then type this haveibeenpwned.com . After that you have to enter the captcha and then a new tab will open in which you can check your e-mail id by entering your e-mail id or not.

After the ID or enter a mobile number if you Good news – no pwnage found! Your ID or mobile number hasn’t been hacked, but if Oh no — pwned! If it is found written then understand that your ID has been hacked.

Apart from this, it would be better for you to change the password of your email as a precaution. Also, use numbers, special characters in your password. You can visit myaccount.google.com for any kind of password related settings in Gmail.


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