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Your Room Can Wirelessly Charge Any Electrical Device

The end of smartphone testing has become one of the biggest pains and fears of our time. Now, Japanese experts have discovered a solution in the form of a revolutionary room that can wirelessly charge any electrical device.

Although wireless charging phones, smart watches and earphones have become commonplace, Tokyo Sistani, a professor at the University of Tokyo, has developed a new type of technology called a ‘multi-mode cosmic static cavity echo’.

They have installed capacitor coils in a room three meters wide, two meters long and three meters high. This creates a hidden magnetic field throughout the room. However, the electric field is trapped in the capacitor. He then placed a copper circle in the center of the chamber, through which the magnetic field moved clockwise and counterclockwise.

This leaves no space in the room and the charge reaches everywhere. Now everything from phones to tablets is available, getting electricity and charging. But wireless signals reach 2 or less of room area and receive about 50 watts of power.

On the other hand, the magnetic field in a room is not strong enough to infect humans, and thus the whole electric cell is completely harmless to humans. Even if the charging device is placed at the right angle, it fully charges, but it continues even after some charging has stopped.

It should be noted that in 2017, Disney’s research department also built a charging room in which the main copper coil was later removed. However, despite this significant success, Disney has not made any progress so far.

Analysts say Tokyo University’s charging room is more practical and better. Japanese experts insist that the same can be said for wireless charging cabinets and compartments if you do not want to take up space.

In this regard, Xiaomi has created an air charge box in which every device placed inside can be charged wirelessly. Xiaomi has not yet announced its intention to launch it.

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