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Youtube Announces Super Thanks Tips For Creators

YouTube has announced an increase in tips for a variety of creators from 2 to 50 USD, and has been dubbed Super Thanks Tips.

It should be noted that various creators were notified some time ago that the option of some Super Thanks tips other than patents has been opened for them. Paul or other things can tip them.

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But now more creators have been given this option and SuperTip has been added to it. The amount in SuperTip can be from two dollars to fifty dollars so that you can appreciate the work of the creators and continue their work and mission.

YouTube has now opened this option for partner creators in 68 countries, while the company has announced this in one of its blogs.

It should be noted that YouTube has always offered such options in the past to provide better services to its users, while some people say that it has been done while watching TikTok.

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Similarly, YouTube launched a feature called SuperChat in which the best comments during a live stream could be pinned up and viewed so that viewers and viewers could feel who is my creator and who I am. Watching the video he is giving me importance seems to be a strange process.

YouTube will share some of its content in its super tip and the rest will be given to the creator. Now let’s see how people benefit from it and how people in Pakistan use it.


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