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YouTube Brings New Tool To Challenge TikTok

The astonishing rise of TikTok marks a turning point for social media: everyone is embracing a new form of content, which is a short video clip. And if on the one hand, TikTok extends the time by introducing 10-minute videos, for a while YouTube has launched shorts instead, in equal and opposite motion.

And Shorts is a central figure in the latest YouTube news, which has chosen to introduce some options to add more users by providing tools that make it easier to create content as well as more layered. Are, which you can take advantage of which are already on the platform.

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In fact, it will soon be possible to create your own shorts using parts of a video (or even audio) on YouTube, using the “Create” button. The hope is to create a virtuous circle that will circulate the content of the platform, add to it and lay the groundwork for the emergence of original trends, which are not simple changes to the content initially posted on TikTok.

What about content that contains copyrighted music? Fear not: YouTube will take care not to make shorts available for creation, thus relieving users of all responsibility. For the rest, all shorts published on YouTube will be part of the remix system and it will not be possible to choose to deduct them from this dynamic, as is the case with TikTok. Content starting with the remix will also include a link to the original video.

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The distribution of this new item for shorts will be gradual globally and will debut on devices with iOS, where it will begin to be available in the coming weeks. It will later land on Android, and eventually reach support tablets and web versions of YouTube: on both of these platforms, in addition, Shorts now has its own “carousel” on its homepage, as it does. It already happens. App for smartphones.


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