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YouTube Deletes1 Million Videos Related To COVID

YouTube has deleted 1 million videos based on highly dangerous misleading content related to Covid 19.

Neil Mohan, YouTube’s chief product officer, shared the figures on a blog, saying that 1 million videos have been deleted since February 2020.

He said that counterfeit and misleading material has now reached the mainstream from the grassroots level and its scope has spread to every aspect of the society which spreads like wildfire in the communities.

But at the same time, the YouTube official said that the accounts containing misleading content are a very small part of the overall content of this platform.

“The rate of bad content is very small compared to the billions of videos on YouTube,” he said.

He said that about 10 million videos are removed from the platform by YouTube every quarter for violating the policies, most of which do not even have 10 views.

A similar stance was recently taken by Facebook.

Facebook said in a report that misleading content about vaccines is not what most users like to see.

Facebook and YouTube have been widely criticized for failing to prevent misleading content during the Corona virus epidemic.

The two companies have not yet released details on how such misleading material on vaccines and health is spread and how many consumers it reaches.

According to Neil Mohan, removing misleading content is part of the company’s strategy.

He said YouTube was working to increase access to details from reliable sources and was developing a strategy to reduce the spread of dangerous content.

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