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YouTube Introduces A New And Exciting Option

YouTube has introduced a new and exciting option on its platform under which users will see YouTube channels based on their preferences under the ‘New To You‘ option that they have not seen and subscribed to.

Although its main purpose is to show viewers the latest video, it also helps new YouTube users find new users. Many websites have added screenshots of this under the New to you option. This option will appear under ‘Explore’ of YouTube app. Touching it will open a list of videos that will deviate from their attached video suggestions and thus they will be able to know about useful videos beyond their scope.

YouTube said in a statement that under the Explore option, trending or new YouTube content appears in various topics such as gaming, beauty and sports. But this is not their personal choice. However, thanks to the new option, users will now be able to watch more YouTube videos of their choice. At the same time, they will be able to learn about the same videos that are far beyond them and which the user has not yet seen.

YouTube’s new feature YouTube New To You will allow users to get acquainted with new videos of interest and brand new channels. This option can be very useful for both users and YouTube users. But that depends on YouTube’s algorithm. It will also include keyword searches, video viewing habits and video viewing trends based on links. If users find it better, it will be a victory for YouTube.

However, YouTube has indicated that options and facilities will continue to be offered throughout the year to improve the platform.


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