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YouTube Starts Lebeling On Health Videos

Just like Facebook, YouTube has now launched information or warning labels on health and disease-related videos. Labeling on Health Videos will be started soon.

Although this work was already underway, it has now been extended to India, Brazil, and Japan. Obviously, this is aimed at providing accurate health information and discouraging misinformation.

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Now, like in other parts of the world, the video uploaded from Brazil, India, and Japan will be clarified with the video of the authorized hospital or medical institution or other tags to prevent the spread of false medical information.

The service was launched in the United States last year. Like Facebook, YouTube used this option at the height of the Covid-19 epidemic because the market for rumors and misinformation was hot.

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Although videos with inaccurate information were not deleted, the promotion of videos with accurate medical topics did limit the scope of rumors and informative information.

YouTube has said that the labeling has been very useful and will be expanded to countries around the world.


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