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YouTube Introduces TikTok Like App In Pakistan

In September last year, YouTube added TikTok like feature of short videos to its app, which was first introduced in India and launched in the US in early 2021.

Based on a copy of TikTok, this feature was named YouTube Shorts and now this feature has been introduced in 100 countries around the world, including Pakistan.

YouTube shorts videos can be viewed by anyone around the world, but so far only people from certain countries have been able to upload videos to them.

But now the tools to create and upload short videos are available to users in hundreds of countries, that is, it is possible in Pakistan.

It also means that you will now have more and more short clips on this platform.

Videos of 15 seconds or less can be created and uploaded to YouTube Shorts with the new creator tools.

This is a feature very similar to TikTok, including speed controls, a timer, and a countdown feature.

Music will also be added to these short videos, and there is a huge library of songs on YouTube that will grow over time, according to the company.

Also, the multi-segment camera will help users to combine multiple video clips into one short video.

These tools are commonly used in tic tac video recording.

The purpose of YouTube Shorts is to maintain the supremacy of the Google video sharing site by reducing the popularity of tick talk.

YouTube shorts are currently still available in beta in most countries in the United States.

Please note that after the popularity of TikTok, its short videos feature will be added on all social media apps.

First of all, Instagram introduced a new section called Rails, while SnapChat has done the same.

In December 2020, Google began testing a new feature on search engines, which would allow users to view Instagram and TikTok videos directly on Google instead of the app.

That is, clicking on these videos will open the web version instead of the application, because Google believes that people can get lost in the application.

With this new method, Google will be able to keep users on their search badges and give them access to viral videos.


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