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Zoom Also Adds Physical Features to Online Meeting

The lockdown that took place during the Universal Goruba Corona introduced a new term to the online meeting or class around the world, for which the most zoom application was used.

According to reports, Zoom recently made some important changes to the video calling feature, making the meeting feature more efficient with new updates, making the meeting host more authoritative.

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Zoom is now working on adding another important feature to its calling feature. With this important feature, users will also be able to display physical movements and postures in videocalls.

According to reports, the video conferencing platform Zoom will add this feature to its desktop version under the name of gesture recognition.

This feature will allow users to more easily grab the attention of video call participants.

Currently this feature will include two movements including thumps up and hand lifting.

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According to a statement from Zoom, the feature is in the process of being completed and will be released to desktop users in an upcoming update.

However, the company has not yet clarified when it will be released for Android and iOS users.


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