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ZTE Is Preparing To Introduce ZTE Axon 30

ZTE has introduced the world’s first smartphone with an under-screen selfie camera, the Axon 20.

The technology in the Axon 20 is not very impressive, but it is still the only commercial phone in the world with a selfie camera hidden inside the screen.

Now the ZTE is preparing to introduce ZTE Axon 30 which will also have a selfie camera installed inside the display and this time the quality of technology will also be better.

But at the same time, it will probably be the world’s first smartphone to have 20 GB of RAM.

According to a report, Axon 30’s Network Access Certificate has come out, according to which the phone will have 55 watts fast charging support.

However, more importantly, the company has mentioned about the smartphone equipped with 20 GB RAM, which could be Exxon 30.

So far, phones with 16 to 18 GB of RAM have come to the fore, but no phone with 20 GB of RAM has been introduced. In fact, even in most computers, RAM is not so powerful.

It is difficult to say when the Exxon 30 will be launched, but the company has already introduced 3 phones of the ZTE Axon 30 series in April in which the selfie camera was given in a punch hole design.

However, work is now underway to introduce a new version of the Exxon 30, which will feature a second-generation under-display selfie camera.

According to reports, the company’s engineers have succeeded in overcoming the problems of the previous model.

According to a leak, the phone could be unveiled sometime in July to see how much the company has improved its under-display camera technology.

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